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Every Tuesday

5-8 PM PST

This class is for the beginner & intermediate actor who is looking to build a technique and foundation in their craft. This is a great class for actors that are looking to gain confidence and understand how to prepare a scene for self tape auditions. Actors will work with other actors and put up scenes, monologues and perform dramatic iimprovisation. Classes are kept to a minimum so actors work every week.

In this class we will:

  • SCENE STUDY- Securing a solid technique that works for you so you aren’t trying to work out your kinks at your audition.
  • CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT- How to build history for the character you are playing. How to make bold choices that create high stakes for your roles.
  • AUDITION TECHNIQUE- Learn how to relax in auditions. Understand the energy of the room and the importance of committing to your choices. Casting Directors remember actors who commit to their choices.
  • SELF TAPES- Learn self tape techniques that give directors and casting an opportunity to see your uniqueness from other self taping actors for a higher percentage callback rate.
  • SCRIPT ANALYSIS- Understand the script from your characters point of view. Make bold choices with the script that will make casting take notice.
  • IMPROVISATION- Build a quick off the cuff ability to banter and think quickly on your feet in audition and cold read situations. Learn how to trust your instincts.
  • COLD READING- Learn how to take material off the page and connect to it quickly. Combining cold reading with Improvisation will allow the actor freedom in the room to let their inner star shine!

Space is Limited

** Cost of class is for 4 consecutive classes.

** Please read terms and conditions before joining class.

All classes and workshops must be paid 48 hours prior to the start date or your space will go to the next actor on the waiting list. Cancellations (by email and confirmed by Raquel) must be made 72 hours prior to class start date for a full refund. If cancelled within 48 hours, you may use your balance towards a future class or coaching session.

The only excusable absences for classes are either sickness or a job. Auditions, regular jobs and personal situations are NOT excusable.

** There are no excusable absences from our Give Back Classes due to amount of savings.

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